Sold-out shows have become a norm for Camerata wherever they perform.
Camerata Vocal Group was founded in 1986 in Minsk. The group consists of six vocalists with voices ranging from soprano to bass.
When you hear Camerata performing live, you get an impression that you stand in front of a large symphony orchestra which is composed of the most exotic instruments.
Camerata makes musical works of art without using any musical instruments. The sounds are created with their own voices, which gives the audience the effect of copresence in the musical reality.
"Camerata is unique in using their voices» («Der Landbote», Winterthur).
"With their vocal range, charming intonations and virtuoso vocals, Camerata replaces the whole orchestra with their voices and awakens the mystical musical reality» («Nürnberger Nachrichten», Regional daily newspaper).
Indeed, they make sounds come alive, and the audience is invited to visualize the sound experience. Suddenly, you realize that the sound is observable and the images can live on stage.
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