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Drum Ecstasy

Active since:
Minsk, Belarus
Rock | Avant-Garde | Electronic | World
Percussion Industrial | Noise-Rock | Drum'n'Bass | Experimental | Drum Show | Worldbeat
Philippe Tschmyr
Aliaksandr “Rizhiy” Krautsou
Pavel Golenkov
Dmitriy Kharitonovich

“Their performance is passionate and filled with pure, raw emotions, and tremendous energy, connecting directly to our instincts and sense of rhythm, making it dance and pulsate as it gets filled with all that energy. And I think that their music increases libido,”’ observer wrote.

Drum Ecstasy was formed on the wave of rave in 1992 and has grown out from art group of avant-garde artists, photographers and musicians.

“This is the music of Drum Ecstasy, three drummers and a bass player in an onslaught of brutal syncopation that they call ‘white voodoo disco’,” The Wire wrote.

Drum Ecstasy skilfully mixes various styles of electronic and rock music: Industrial, Noise-Rock, Drum’n’Bass, Tech-House, Techno… It looks fresh and extreme as an experiment or avant-garde should be. Sound effects generated by Drum Ecstasy with a power saw, drills, or even a vibrator, fit organically into the aesthetics of a modern industrial performance. The band denies any labels of its style.

Every Drum Ecstasy show is unique, wherever and in whatever form it has occurred. The bandmates’ energy fits harmoniously into the context of any venue.
The musicians’ free handling of its stylistic diversity makes the band popular in different kinds of live performances.

During its 20-years-long success, the band was engaged in hundreds of musical events in many European countries.
Drum Ecstasy opened the shows of Robert Plant & Strange Sensation, DubFx, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Brutto.
Drum Ecstasy collaborated with artists of different genres, creating unique projects with Oleg Olovnikov (classical cellist), Ethno Trio Troitsa (world music), Dror Feiler (avant-garde saxophonist), Lokomotiv Koncret, et. al.
The band has been involved in City Day festivities in Moscow, Kaunas, Surgut and Minsk.

You can find the band’s creations in the films Night Watch, Day Watch, Dark World, et al.
Drum Ecstasy’s music has been used in countless TV shows, ads, art installations, and radio jingles.
Drum Ecstasy’s soundtracks are in contemporary dance project Where the Water Flows Up staged by Swedish choreographer Sibrig Dokter.

The band was invited to open the auto shows and car dealerships of Volkswagen, Mazda, AUDI, Skoda, MAN, Nissan, Renault, sport events such as Red Bull X-Fighters, NHL exhibition games, and the Prometheus International Stunt Festival.
Drum Ecstasy has been involved in advertising projects and presentations for brands such as Wargaming, Microsoft, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Orbit, Castrol, Gallina Blanca, Revlon, Orange, and Tyumen Oil Company.

While sharing the stage with other artists, Drum Ecstasy is surprisingly mobile: the musicians start their show within 3 minutes after coming up on the stage and leave it just the same. Such technical mobility is the result of band’s wealth of great music events experience.

Mass media describe Drum Ecstasy as the “star of the underground music scene in Belarus. Their live shows fuse pure energy with musical abstraction.”
The band was recognized as the best performer of dance music in the country by club’s managers in Belarus.
Getting to Drum Ecstasy’s show the concertgoers become a part of the action similar to the tantric dance of Zion Dance Party from The Matrix Reloaded film scene.
Once has brought the house down, Drum Ecstasy will never break up with this delight.

Drum Ecstasy is a unique musical project, an unprecedented power of sound defined by the band's compositions and instruments. Four musicians playing steel-shelled drums create a sound that explodes the audience right from the very first beats.

Drum Ecstasy is a live band from Belarus that plays heavy dance music using various bass guitar sounds, supported by a massive background of three and more drummers. This time, to commemorate 21 years after the Chernobyl-disaster, Drum Ecstasy beats on scrap-metal from Belarus' Nuclear Junkyard! Banging the Chernobyl-drums, dawai! Check this out!

Drum Ecstasy are one of the stars of the underground music scene in Belarus. ...Their live shows fuse pure energy with musical abstraction.

This is the music of Drum Ectasy, three drummers and bassist in an onslaught of brutal syncopation that they call “white vodoo disco”.

This unique atmosphere of half-freedoms and cultural clashes, in the last 10 years, has become a breeding ground of creativity for artists and musicians struggling to express themselves. Out of Minsk comes Drum Ecstasy, a fierce and fiery combination of wild percussion and freaky effects. Featuring three drummers and one bassist, the band fuses a kind of future primitivism with social restlessness into a driving, improvisational sound full of kinetic energy.

10.02.2017Brugge PubMinskBelarus
02.04.2016Ili ClubMinskBelarus
01.08.2015Friendship FestivalStan'kovoBelarus
24.07.2015Galapagai FestivalZarasaiLithuania
06.06.2015Platonov Arts FestivalVoronezhRussia
16.04.2015Prime HallMinskBelarus
01.03.2015Freestyle Skiing World CupRaubichiBelarus
27.12.2014Stereo PlazaKyivUkraine
13.12.2014A2 ClubSaint PetersburgRussia
28.11.2014Blondes and Brunettes ClubMinskBelarus
15.11.2014Arena HallKrasnodarRussia
05.10.2014IgroMir ExhibitionMoscowRussia
26.08.2014Lobanovsky Dynamo StadiumKievUkraine
25.04.2014Stadium LiveMoscowRussia
26.05.2013AUDI dealers' ConferenceMoscowRussia
25.05.2013Red Bull X-FightersBakuAzerbaijan
04.05.2013Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
25.04.2013Skoda Centre - Opening ceremonyMinskBelarus
26.03.2013Mazda Center - Mazda-6 PresentationMinskBelarus
24.03.2013Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
12.12.2012Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
17.11.2012Vilnius International Film FestivalVilniusLithuania
09.11.2012Gazprom's 30-years Anniversary ConcertTomskRussia
14.10.2012Palace of the RepublicMinskBelarus
23.09.2012Respublica FestivalKamianets-PodilskyiUkraine
21.09.2012Dynamo StadiumMinskBelarus
07.09.2012Minsk City DayMinskBelarus
26.05.2012Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
20.05.2012Traktor StadiumMinskBelarus
29.12.2011Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
23.12.2011Palace of the RepublicMinskBelarus
11.10.2011RE:PUBLIC Club MinskBelarus
01.10.2011PRIDE Wellness ClubMoscowRussia
18.09.2011Sullivan Room KievKievUkraine
17.09.2011Koktebel Jazz FestivalKoktebelUkraine
25.06.2011Luzhniki StadiumMoscowRussia
23.05.2011Zachęta National Gallery of ArtWarsawPoland
06.05.2011Slavianski Bazaar in VitebskVitebskBelarus
16.04.2011Yo ClubOdessaUkraine
11.04.2011Moscow Youth PalaceMoscowRussia
01.04.2011Grand Hall - Minsk Concert HallMinskBelarus
26.02.2011Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
20.02.2011Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
30.01.2011Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
12.01.2011Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
29.12.2010Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
22.12.2010Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
02.12.2010Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
30.11.2010Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
25.11.2010Contemporary Art CentreVilniusLithuania
18.11.2010Contemporary Art CentreVilniusLithuania
11.09.2010Minsk City DayMinskBelarus
15.07.2010Slavianski Bazaar in VitebskVitebskBelarus
11.07.2010Slavianski Bazaar in VitebskVitebskBelarus
05.06.2010Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
21.05.2010Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
30.01.2010Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
27.11.2009Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
27.09.2009Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
19.09.2009Red Bull X-FightersTbilisiGeorgia
27.06.2009Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
09.03.2009Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
10.10.2008Marlboro PartyYerevanArmenia
13.09.2008Minsk City DayMinskBelarus
03.07.2008Nissan Autohouse - Opening ceremonyKharkovUkraine
28.06.2008RAO "UES of Russia" - Closing CeremonyMoscowRussia
11.06.2008Siemens - Corporate partyMoscowRussia
23.04.2008Grand Hall - Minsk Concert HallMinskBelarus
04.04.2008Volkswagen Center - Opening CeremonyDnipropetrovskUkraine
28.03.2008Bialoruski TydzienKrakowPoland
10.12.2007Microsoft ConferenceMinskBelarus
03.10.2007Territoria FestivalMoscowRussia
01.09.2007Moscow City DayMoscowRussia
25.08.2007Be2gether FestivalNorlevishkiLithuania
07.08.2007Renault CenterMineralnye VodyRussia
21.06.2007Bike ShowKaliningradRussia
11.05.2007Minsk Sports PalaceMinskBelarus
13.04.2007Grand Hall - Minsk Concert HallMinskBelarus
23.03.2007Renault CenterMukachevoUkraine
28.01.2007Oude RKZGroningenNetherlands
25.01.2007Soahc ClubDortmundGermany
24.01.2007Bebel ClubCottbusGermany
12.09.2006Henkel Factory OpeningZaslavlBelarus
03.09.2006Surgut City DaySurgutRussia
01.09.2006Moscow City DayMoscowRussia
20.06.2006NOKIA Jam PartyMinskBelarus
01.05.2006Volkswagen Center - AutoShowKievUkraine
27.01.2006Bosch & Siemens ConferenceLogoiskBelarus
17.06.2005The Bunte Republik NeustadtDresdenGermany
03.06.2005Kyiv International Advertising FestivalKievUkraine
21.05.2005Kaunas City DayKaunasLithuania
07.05.2005Luzhniki StadiumMoscowRussia
30.10.2004Russian Fashion WeekMoscowRussia
11.08.2004Universal Forum of CulturesBarcelonaSpain
25.04.2004Grand Hall - Minsk Concert HallMinskBelarus
06.09.2003Moscow City Day - Sparrow HillsMoscowRussia
12.08.2003Robert Plant & Strange Sensation Show opening actMinskBelarus
10.08.2003Luzhniki StadiumMoscowRussia
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