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Ethno-trio Troitsa

Active since:
Minsk, Belarus
World | Folk
Neo-Traditional | European Folk | Contemporary Folk | Folklore
Ivan Kirchuk
Yury Paulouski
Yury Dzmitryeu

Troitsa: Mystic music from Belarus
Not many releases come this way from Belarus, the land-locked and still politically unrelaxed country surrounded by the Baltic states, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, but several of those have been earlier releases from Minsk trio Troitsa, and they chart the progress to this sixth album.
Ivan Kirchuk is the possessor of one of those real, rumbling bass voices that seem to flourish in Russia and its near neighbours, and conjures mental images of a huge bearded Cossack in boots and floor-length furs.
He formed the original trio in 1996 to perform the traditional material he’d been finding since the 1980s in the villages of Belarus. After its first album the group broke up, but after a pause Kirchuk recruited Yuri Dmitriev and Yuri Pavlovsky, who supplement his armoury of 12-string guitar, domra, gusli, Jew’s-harp, whistles, zhaleika and more with guitar, bass, domra, kalimba and percussion.
His singing tends to stay down in the gravelly basement, accessing tones that an epic film-trailer voice-over artist would kill for, but on occasion he rises through the frequencies, right up to a rather finely-controlled falsetto-alto.
The band’s music is quite ethereal, almost mystical, Ivan’s voice is strikingly shamanic, the melodies are simple and almost ascetic, the arrangements reveal virtuosity in the blendingof modern and ancient instruments. It makes Troitsa to be understandable all around the world.
No knowledge of Belorussian is necessary to be enthralled by the mature, meditative message delivered by Troitsa’s music nor to be captivated by its fascinatingly modern rendering.

Three men, 50 instruments… The same protective zeal is applied to the region's instruments; they play in the region of 50 of these, from zithers and mouth harps to the more obscure zhaleika hornpipe and the lute-like domra. But no matter what the instrument, these beautiful and evocative tunes carry us on wings of song to a point 1,000 miles east of here.

Belarusian trio Troitsa released their vibrant sixth album “Zimachka” (“Winter”) this year. Troitsa combines the rich folk music traditions of Belarus (an eastern European nation located between Poland and Russia) with contemporary elements. “We work with an ethno-fusion style,” says group leader Yuri Pavlovski. “Our aim is to connect old Belorussian music to modern sounding acoustic music tools. Our collective has existed for more than 12 years.” Troitsa uses a wide variety of traditional Belarusian musical instruments such as domra (three-stringed mandolin), smyk, gusli (zither), pipes, whistles, mound harmonica, reed stick, zhaleykas (single-reed hornpipe), lyre, ocarinas, and wargan (jawharp); joined by global percussion and persuasive guitars. On "Zimachka" you will find dazzling acoustic interplay by the Belarusian masters of ‘ethno fusion’ music.

15.07.2016WOMAD UKCharlton Park, Malmesbury, WiltshireUnited Kingdom
08.04.2016Youth Estrade TheatreMinskBelarus
14.02.2016WOMAD ChileSantiagoChile
27.04.2015Sharko' Republic Palace of CultureMinskBelarus
08.11.2014Grand Concert Hall of Belarusian State Philharmonic SocietyMinskBelarus
06.09.2014Kamyanitsa Folk FestivalKamyanitsaBelarus
19.07.2014Basowiszcza FestivalGmina of GrodekPoland
05.07.2014Volnae PavetraShabliBelarus
23.04.2014Grand Concert Hall of Belarusian State Philharmonic SocietyMinskBelarus
07.01.2014Kraina MriyKievUkraine
27.09.2013Wschod Kultury/Inny WymiarBialystokPoland
21.09.2013WOMAD RussiaPyatigorskRussia
20.07.2013EtnosurAlcala la RealSpain
13.07.2013Pirineos SurSallent de GallegoSpain
23.06.2013Troitsa FestivalElektrougliRussia
30.01.2013Grand Concert Hall of Belarusian State Philharmonic SocietyMinskBelarus
02.09.2012Vilnius Music WeekVilniusLithuania
25.08.2012Volnae PavetraShabliBelarus
22.07.2012EtnosurAlcala la RealSpain
14.07.2012SommerFestival der KulturenStuttgartGermany
25.01.2012Grand Concert Hall of Belarusian State Philharmonic SocietyMinskBelarus
14.11.2011Small Hall - Minsk Concert HallMinskBelarus
03.09.2011Kamyanitsa Folk FestivalKamyanitsaBelarus
28.08.2011Krutushka FestivalKazanRussia
23.07.2011Z Wiejskiego Podworza FestivalCzeremchaPoland
27.04.2011Small Hall - Minsk Concert HallMinskBelarus
21.08.2010Volnae PavetraShabliBelarus
30.05.2010Small Hall - Minsk Concert HallMinskBelarus
05.11.2009Porta World Music FestivalRigaLatvia
25.09.2009EthnoMechanica FestivalSaint PetersburgRussia
11.09.2009Koktebel Jazz FestivalKoktebelUkraine
21.08.2009Krutushka FestivalKazanRussia
14.08.2009Folkwoods FestivalEindhovenNetherlands
13.07.2009Haus der Sinne BerlinBerlinGermany
19.07.2008Volnae PavetraShabliBelarus
Release date:  2011
Genre:  World