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Active since:
Minsk, Belarus
Sludge Metal | Post-Metal | Grunge | Psychedelic/Garage | Folk-Rock
Alies Dzemidzenka
Uladz Kazlou
Vital Makshun
Zmicier Narkevich

Re1ikt is a rock band, which harmoniously combines hard-hitting energy with innovative sound.

The band is stylistically kindred to such genres as progressive rock, folk-rock, post metal, art rock. However Re1ikt combines modern musical trends with traditional Belarusian song folklore, making it relevant for the listeners, who are looking for something new in modern day music.

Re1ikt creatively uses unusual atmospheric guitar effects, as well as folk woodwind and percussive instruments.
The band plays loud live concerts as well as unplugged shows. And, depending on the concept of the event, the band’s music can transform from energy-driven to airy and lyrical.

From 2009 Re1ikt has won several awards on rock festivals in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus: FMR Rockowisko Hajnowka, Jesien Bardow, Wschodni Horyzont, Daem Rady, Bullfest International, Kupalauskija Vakacyi, Re$publica etc.

In 2012 Re1ikt’s album “Reki prabili liod” has become a bestseller of record label Vigma.

In 2013 the Re1ikt won the “Band of the Year” award, according to “Tuzin Hitou” music web-portal.

Nowadays band plays a lot of electrical and acoustic performances at open-air festivals, clubs, TV and radio-shows, exhibitions, cinemas.

De Wit-Russische post-metalband Re1ikt kan uitpakken met zijn nieuwste plaat Reki Prabili Liod (vertaald als Rivers Broke Through the Ice). De plaat is uit via Vigma/BMA. De plaat werd in het Wit-Russisch ingezongen en bevat tevens folk en progressive-invloeden. De band zegt verder dat het misschien niet die typische post-metalsound heeft, maar is ervan overtuigd wel iets uniek te hebben afgeleverd. Oordeel zelf via onderstaande muziekvideo. Wie nog meer wil, kan op de website het album integraal downloaden.

Was für eine faustdicke Überraschung! Befürchtete ich bei dem Namen RE1IKT im ersten Moment noch Mittelmaß aus der Darkwave-, EBM- oder Industrial-Richtung, erwischen mit die Weißrussen mit "Рэкі прабілі лёд" (in römischer Schrift "Reki prabili liod", übersetzt in etwa "Der Fluss brach durch das Eis") vollkommen auf dem falschen Fuß. Aber manchmal bin ich dafür sehr dankbar...

Il existe un proverbe qui dit qu’il ne faut pas se fier aux apparences ni aux idées préconçues. Je me souviens d’avoir choisi de chroniquer RE1IKT parce que le groupe était estampillé « Black/Death/Indus », et bien que je ne sois pas un grand connaisseur en termes de « Black Métal », l’étiquette me semblait alléchante et promettait un mélange original. C’est donc avec surprise que j’ai pu découvrir et me rendre compte que cette formation Biélorusse, maintenant basée à St Petersbourg, pratiquait en réalité un « Métal Progressif » teinté de « Folk ». Fondé en 2006, le combo, habitué aux autoproductions, nous offre son dernier album « Reki Prabili Liod » (littéralement Les rivières émergent de la glaçe) , pour le plus grand plaisir de nos oreilles. - See more at:

The band has crafted a brilliant album that needs to be heard by a bigger audience as possible. This was 62 mins I would listen to time and time again. It simply is a brilliant and unique album. Superbly played and produced by all involved. Re1ikt are a truly exceptionally talented band that everyone needs to check out.

Post metal is a subgenre well known for its ambiguity, its tendency to mix in a variety of seemingly foreign elements to craft a unique experience like no other. You can usually witness a 'follow the leader' trend within the genre, with the pioneering acts such as atmospheric sludge titans Isis inspiring numerous bands which attempt to emulate that same ingenuity. Re1ikt is such a band, a Belarusian outfit with a unique feature, lyrics written entirely in their native tongue.

17.07.2015Basowiszcza FestivalGmina of GrodekPoland
16.04.2015TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
06.09.2014Kamyanitsa Folk FestivalKamyanitsaBelarus
28.08.2014Ambasovishcha Music FestivalMinskBelarus
18.07.2014Basowiszcza FestivalGmina of GrodekPoland
01.06.2014TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
26.01.2014TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
18.12.2013RE:PUBLIC Club MinskBelarus
07.12.2013RE:PUBLIC Club MinskBelarus
26.10.2013Jesien BardowBielsk PodlaskiPoland
15.09.2013Respublica FestivalKamianets-PodilskyiUkraine
24.08.2013Volnae PavetraShabliBelarus
19.07.2013Basowiszcza FestivalGmina of GrodekPoland
23.06.2013TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
14.04.2013TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
10.03.2013TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
27.01.2013TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
16.12.2012TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
02.12.2012TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
12.11.2012RE:PUBLIC Club MinskBelarus
27.10.2012Jesien BardowBielsk PodlaskiPoland
14.09.2012Tautu Muge FestivalVilniusLithuania
30.06.2012Halfway FestivalBialystokPoland
30.11.2011RE:PUBLIC Club MinskBelarus
23.10.2010Jesien BardowBielsk PodlaskiPoland
16.07.2010Basowiszcza FestivalGmina of GrodekPoland
Healing herbs
Release date:  2015
Genre:  Rock
Styles:  Grunge | Folk-Rock
Rivers Broke The Ice
Release date:  2014
Genre:  Rock
Styles:  Grunge | Folk-Rock
Moods:  Dramatic