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Rili Dope

Active since:
Minsk, Belarus
Nu metal | Rap-Metal | Rapcore
Oliver (vocals)
Kirill (guitar)
Alex Willpower (guitar)
Vad (bass)
Viktor Grinder (drums)

I turned the news on, and I saw a child…
Hungry and desperate, never seen his own mother
And whole world in his eyes has the same color
” (Rili Dope. The Message / Boosted Rooster)
This is the message from guys of Rili Dope band: The world is cruel and ruthless. And the musicians will sugarcoat it neither in their lyrics nor in their music.
Their songs are about hard human problems, that is why they play heavy metal riffs. Their music is a vigorous and honest rapcore.

The musical skills of the Rili Dope bandmates were influenced by such artists as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde, Rage Against The Machine.

They began their journey in 2012. They are tough and motivated.
They make new fans wherever they go. They set goals and reach them.

They had a dream – to play on the same stage with their idols who had awakened rebel artists in them.
In 2012, they played the opening act at Limp Bizkit concert in Moscow, and in 2015 – as opening band with Linkin Park in their hometown Minsk, after a hard competitive selection act.
Dreams come true! It adds confidence to the musicians.

Early in its existence, Rili Dope band recorded a full-length album and one single. The next step is a concept album.

They do not like routine and futile living in this world.
Life is a hotel – signing in, signing out” (Rili Dope. Tetris / Boosted Rooster)
They strive to change the boring world with their art. They have great plans and an abundance of energy.

Their numbers on fan community are growing rapidly. Because they are bound to their audience like brothers.
Dat goes to all my, people workin’ 9 to 5 Straight sober,
Who sometimes got to get over boredom
And try the life of the rock-n-rolla.” (Rili Dope. Lyrical Stick Up / Boosted Rooster)

...At filled up huge arena the band was looking more confident than on small stage of the TNT Rock Club.

Rili Dope’s history is impressive. Just started to play an instrumental hip-hop the band has become famous in the Belarus and abroad. In 2012, Limp Bizkit’s bandmates have personally approved Rili Dope for the opening act of their show at Stadium Live, Moscow.

In 2012, Rili Dope was invited to perform an opening act for Limp Bizkit show at Stadium Live (Moscow, Russia). The year after Rili Dope had a debut LP album released. The band have won a competition to perform at Most Festival sharing the stage with Guano Apes, Skillet and John Newman. In 2014, Rili Dope was nominated for the Lira National Music Award and performed at ONT Nationwide TV Channel.

...True fans of the genre must hear this album anyway. ...All tracks of Boosted Rooster album are different and in each one of them you can find something for yourself. ...If you liked it, you should check out the Rili Dope’s Industry music video and its performance before Limp Bizkit show in Moscow. (about Boosted Rooster album)

On the 4th of June 2012, Rili Dope from Belarus will be performing the warm-up act for Limp Bizkit show in Moscow. This is a fast-growing band from Minsk, which appearance has become the highlight of Belarus alternative music in 2011. ...The band sounds true and share its boundless energy with the audience, no matter how many concertgoers have come.

02.05.2017Brugge PubMinskBelarus
14.07.2016TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
19.06.2016Doodah KingMinskBelarus
04.06.2016366 Summer Days Open AirHrudzichynaBelarus
19.11.2015TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
27.08.2015Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
06.08.2015TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
18.06.2015TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
11.12.2014TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
27.10.2014Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
27.10.2014Minsk ArenaMinskBelarus
24.10.2014Chizhovka ArenaMinskBelarus
16.08.2014Metal Crowd FestivalRechitsaBelarus
03.08.2014TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
12.07.2014Safoniy FestivalSafonovoRussia
11.07.2014Сharity Rapcore FestivalMinskBelarus
03.07.2014Most FestivalMinskBelarus
31.05.2014A ClubSmolenskRussia
25.05.2014TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
27.04.2014Support Your Local Scene FestivalMinskBelarus
07.04.2014Chizhovka ArenaMinskBelarus
26.02.2014Graffiti Pub ClubMinskBelarus
08.11.2012TNT Rock ClubMinskBelarus
04.11.2012Graffiti Pub ClubMinskBelarus
04.06.2012Stadium LiveMoscowRussia
27.05.2012Emergenza FestivalMinskBelarus
25.04.2012Rock and Bike FestivalGrodnoBelarus
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