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Active since:
Minsk, Belarus
Electronic | Rock
Electro House | Dubstep | Complextro | Electro-Industrial | Indie Electronic
Viktar Rudenka
Uladzimir Ivanov
Anton Rubatski
Sergei Kuchynski

The ultimate 100%-live electronic dance music is a breath of fresh air in today’s EDM industry dominated by DJ’s. The ROSTANY band are the trendmakers who dared to improvise live in Electro House and Dubstep using digital synthesis.

What is so special and unique about ROSTANY? Four musicians on the stage actually play LIVE all of the Electro House, Dubstep and Complextro madness that you hear on the floor. ROSTANY don’t simply mix tracks. Every single sound, every single note — vocals, guitar riffs, drum beats, bass lines, synths, samples and sound effects — everything is being played here and now by 4 musicians improvising on their instruments. We will get back to ROSTANY’s live digital synthesis a bit later.

The ROSTANY have been a radio and TV success, Friday 13 winning a nomination at the Belarusian Song of the Year Awards 2013 on ONT National Channel. According to radio rotation of singles Alright and Daisy Chain ROSTANY were nominated for National Awards 2014. Electric Toys by ROSTANY have also reached the finals of Eurovision 2015 national nomination drawing international attention to the band.
Garrett Mulhall, Eurovision Ireland: “‘Electronic Toys’ is a very contemporary song. There is nothing else like it in the Belarussian National Final.”

Daisy Chain combining Dubstep and authentic folk choir singing was initially composed for TV project Forth to the Past, but eventually became a soundtrack for Junior Eurovision Song Contest nomination 2014. This soundtrack collaboration was one of a kind. The ROSTANY music turned out to be very appealing to parties looking for trendy custom music for their events, show etc. Thus did ROSTANY produced soundtrack titled Pain for Force Factor TV show and World of Tanks computer game fanclub track for Wargaming Public Co Ltd.

Is 1st live EDM tag just a marketing trick? or is there some real innovation behind it? Electro House, Complextro and modern wave of Dubstep have never been played live before. The ROSTANY managed to improvise computer-based digital synthesizers, guitars and vocals which was a real musical challenge. It was made possible by the latest technical devices manufactured by Native Instruments and recent updates to Apple music apps. DJ’s and electronic producers like Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, Deadmau5 have pioneered the above mentioned styles, but their live performances only involved playing back their studio tracks and other pre-recorded material. The ROSTANY managed to sync their multiple keyboards, guitars, vocoders, e-drums into one system enabling them to perform everything live.

The ROSTANY create music right on the stage! All intricate bass lines, effects and drops are performed manually. Sometimes you wouldn’t even know that what you hear is a live performance. The ROSTANY elaborately design their live sound so that a stage performance could sound as powerful as a studio mastered track, but taking all advantage of playing live by improvising and interacting with the audience. This makes each their performance unique and immensely boosts the audience’s impression. ROSTANY is modern EDM with maximum human touch.

They come with their contemporary song ‘Electric Toys’ and we spoke to them from where their unique sound comes from to their thoughts on Conchita Wurst winning the contest this year.

The "juicy", musically saturated and groovy dance sound ellaborated by ROSTANY lets this music impress the audience both in a club and at a stadium

ROSTANY is claimed to be the 1st Electro House band to perform EDM live only. In their creative work the musicians combine dubstep, trance, rock, drum'n'bass.

18.04.2015Jack ClubMinskBelarus
11.03.2015Chizhovka ArenaMinskBelarus
21.12.2014Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention CentreMoscowRussia
16.11.2013Next ClubMinskBelarus
23.10.2013Madison Royal ClubMinskBelarus
27.02.2013Jack ClubMinskBelarus
22.01.2013Mojito Restaurant & BarMinskBelarus
18.08.2012Gorky ParkMinskBelarus
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Release date:  2015
Genre:  Electronic
Styles:  Electro House | Dubstep | Complextro | Electro-Industrial
Moods:  Elegant | Celebratory | Joyous | Erotic | Sensual