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Yegor Zabelov Trio

Active since:
Minsk, Belarus
Jazz | Avant-Garde
Yegor Zabelov
Vladimir Beger
Alexander Efimov

In his new project Yegor Zabelov continues to reveal the creative possibilities – his own, as a composer and performer, and his instrument, playing which he produce amazing things beyond the usual accordion music.
The founder of the trio – one of the most original accordionist in modern Belarusian music. He was part of the group “Silver Wedding” and “Nagual”, founded the group “Gurzuf” which won the Belarusian selection for Global Battle of the Bands (2007), received an honoree Kuryokhin Center for Contemporary Art (2010) and played on stage of leading European festivals of accordion music.
Zabelov has an excellent musical education and thinks he is more in the category of classical music, but believes that his work is close to the performers of rock music. With him are the bassist Alexander Efimov and the drummer Vladimir Beger. Experienced musicians recognize that it is not in any other project have not played this kind of music and appreciate the opportunity to experiment with sound and rhythmic figures. Especially cultivated in music of the trio is using of contrasting dynamics, pauses and complex dimensions.
What unites all Zabelov`s projects – trance, in its very concept of unlimited creative thinking. Music, which as a result is obtained, it may be intended to fly in dreams and reality, dive into yourself, thoughts, and of course the rave. It is also characterized by cinematic. Zabelov has created soundtracks to classic silent moves and a number of performances.
Yegor Zabelov Trio equally well will look on stage of classical, jazz, rock, and avant-garde festival. They know how to keep the attention of the audience. Their music will be appreciated, above all, by the people who are interested in thoughtfulness and unpredictability. These properties are also valued by the colleagues of Yegor Zabelov in other countries. As an example, there are joint creative projects with the Polish band Lao Che and Frenchman Dominic Sonic.

17.09.2016Minsk FestivalMinskBelarus
04.09.2016Platzhirsch Festival DuisburgDuisburgGermany
26.06.2016United IslandsPragueCzech Republic
30.04.2016MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music GatheringGyorHungary
24.04.2016Ili ClubMinskBelarus
11.03.2016Drzwi Zwane KoniemKatowicePoland
18.07.2015Basowiszcza FestivalGmina of GrodekPoland
31.05.2015Zmiana KlimatuBialystokPoland
30.05.2015LOFTAS Art FactoryVilniusLithuania
29.05.2015Rysiu Kiemelis 837KaunasLithuania
26.12.2014DK BarMinskBelarus
14.12.2014Jazz Bez FestivalBialystokPoland
12.12.2014Czarny SpichrzWloclawekPoland
11.12.2014Ucho Music ClubGdyniaPoland
26.07.2013Rysiu Kiemelis 837KaunasLithuania
27.10.2012Ucho Music ClubGdyniaPoland
26.10.2012Folk'n'fusion FestivalHildesheimGermany